The health + beauty products we buy represent self-care, hygiene, artistry, and self-expression. The brands we choose to buy from reflect our values, from their ingredients to their social media posts.

Grade-school Black girls are sent home from school for their natural hairstyles, only to continue facing irrevocably damaging European beauty standards as they grow up to hold 9x the purchasing power in the health + beauty sector.

The viral BOMB Challenge and massive mainstream success of Fenty Beauty (Time Magazine best invention of 2017) + Pat McGrath Labs (valued at over $1 billion) finally woke the rest of the world up: Black women and Women of Color are vital to the financial success of the industry, both as consumers and as business owners.

Beauty Under Capitalism serves as a database of brands owned and founded by People of Color so we as consumers can vote with our wallet as we choose. Feel confident in your regimen knowing your purchases support businesses owned by Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern & North African, and Asian CEOs of marginalized genders.

While we live in a capitalist society, we can meet our health + beauty needs with pride instead of guilt by giving our money to Women of Color.

Make informed purchases as you practice Beauty Under Capitalism.

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